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Sometimes I wish I could just keep my mouth sewn shut,
And sometimes I wish I could make my brain self-destruct,
And destroy all the fears I can't let go of,
Before I voice them and they ruin everything I've come to love.

But what's done is done,
And it's gone for good.

My heart has never sung such a sweet, sappy song,
So I start finding what could possibly go wrong.

I am obsessed with these thoughts and they swirl in my head and they tear me apart and I knew that the second I told you you'd hate me but I just don't know how else to make them stop. So I waited and waited, I procrastinated, I prolonged till (I) no longer could put it off, and I tried to find the perfect time to explain it but that time wouldn't come. So I said it, I said it, and I fucking regret it, but damnit can't we just please try to forget it? Not dwell on it and let my pregnant psychoses affect our affectionate love, love?

But what's done is done,
And it's gone for good.

So goodbye, get gone, go on, yeah, [get out of here]
'Cause bad news is not news to me,
but I find sadness can still feel good.


from Quiet As It's Kept, released February 12, 2012



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Salad Days Chicago, Illinois

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